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Alpha Clock Five


In return for helping out at Makerfaire Eindhoven, Pieter from Floris.cc gave me a Alpha Clock Five kit from Evil Mad Scientist.

The kit is very well documented (schematic and sourcecode), uses only though hole components and is easy to assemble.

Aside from the Atmel and Chronodot stuff it uses two interesting IC's : Macroblock MBI5027 and Macroblock MBI5168

Another nice thing about the Alpha Clock Five is the Serial protocol that allow you to control all aspects of the clock.

The software is really polished, no flickering display, nice gradient while dimming, user definable characters. The only thing missing you could possibly want is different intensities per segment.

P1020842 P1020804 P1020805 P1020809 P1020815 P1020819 P1020827 P1020828 P1020833 P1020820 P1020837 P1020825 P1020841

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New Arduino Zero supports debugging.

Arduino.cc have announced the Arduino Zero, it addresses two issues i (and i think many other people) have with the Arduino : it is small and slow and there is no way to debug.

Copyright Arduino.cc

Copyright Arduino.cc

See the blog post at  : http://blog.arduino.cc/2014/05/15/meet-arduino-zero/

Support for debugging a running microcontroller has been available for competing developer kits for a while now :

I'm curious how Arduino.cc will integrate the debugger in the Arduino IDE.


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LivingColors / LivingWhites adapter starter set part 2 : adapter


The LivingWhites adapter doesn't really have many surprises. The only two notable things are that the entire high voltage side is from ST parts (VIPER16 , 2 x 14NM65NST1S10 ) and the other surprise is the other LED not in the manual.

The non surprising part is the CC2530 IEEE802.15.4 chip .





Baking Impees


hue lamp teardown

Kasper pointed me to this teardown of the hue led lamp.

The entire lamp is potted, other than that there a no surprises. A CC2530, like any Gen2 / SmartLink / LivingWhites, and some power stuff.

Thanks Kasper !

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