Behringer BCR2000

The BCR2000 is a midi controller from  Behringer . You can use it to modify midi parameters with pushbuttons and rotary knobs.

The BCR2000 is not really expensive (current price (Sept 2010) is 139,- euro from  feedback). It has a few minor drawbacks like the infamous “wobbly knobs”.

All rotary encoders have a string of leds as indicators. I had expected Behringer would have used prefab modules with switch and LEDs for this from Bourns or Avago and was surprised to see this was not the case. All rotary knob and led parts are built up from separate parts. The BCR2000 consists of an amazing number of parts.

The BCR2000 has a swichmode power supply an d 3 other PCB-s.

Power supply

Lower Board

6 x HC574 “Octal Edge-Triggered D-Type Flip-Flops With 3-State Outputs”
4 x HC273 “Octal D-Type Flip-Flops With Clear”
6 x HC163 “4-Bit Synchronous Binary Counters”
1 x HC138 “3-Line To 8-Line Decoders/Demultiplexers”

Upper Board

2 x HC165 “8-Bit Parallel-Load Shift Registers”

CPU Board

1 x PDF OKI L671000: An ARM7TDMI CPU with full speed USB and UART, handy for MIDI.
1 x TMS 418160DZ, a 2 MB DRAM. The CPU apparently has DRAM Refresh logic on board.
1 x HCT04 “Hex Inverters”
1 x H11L1 “6-Pin DIP Schmitt Trigger Output Optocoupler” for the receiving side of the MIDI current loop.
1 x HCT245 “Octal Bus Transceivers With 3-State Outputs”

19 thoughts on “Behringer BCR2000”

  1. Hello,

    One of the knobs on my BCR2000 is not responding very well. Do you know a part number or anything so i can try to get a new one and solder in myself?

  2. I don’t know if you’re the right person for this question, but is there way to connect 2 or more behringers, in series that they would act as 1 single 24 tracks device controller? (as experience, when I press preset/bank, it changes the preset but not the tracks) my idea is like if I just press bank in main unit all the units would follow the cmd moving the faders from trck 1-24 to 25-48, just in single button push? if not is there and way that it can be tweaked/hacked to perform such task?

    Thanks a lot
    best regards

  3. I am building a mobile soundsystem that is powered with a car battery.
    We would love to use the BFC 2000….would you think it is possible to hack it so we could power it from our battery instead of using an inverter?

    All the best!


  4. Hi, you can connect it for sure. just respect the polarity and just add a fuse corresponding of the BCR consommation max. Full led lighted, etc…

  5. Many thanks for this breakdown. I have a BCR2000 and was trying to find some similar encoders with LEDs for a synth project – Was just about to open up my BCR2000 to see what was used!

    A lot more in it than I expected! But actually, its probably cheaper to buy another than to buy encoders and LEDs and try to tidily put these into a synth .. A dedicated BCR2000 is probably the way I will go.

    You saved me some time, thanks again!

  6. What is the socketed chip on the cpu board. I have a bcr2000 that went partly belly up with no midi i/o among other symptoms and swapping that socketed chip with another bcr2000’s chip fixed it. – So I would like to know what it is. :-)


  7. That is the Flash or EEPROM that contains the software of the BCR2000 aka the firmware. You could try to have someone copy the firmware to a new EEPROM (of the correct type) and put that in the “broken” BCR2000.

  8. Hello,
    knows anyone the encoders or similar encoder the the first ones with the push button? i need some one.

    Many thnkas and kind regards,

  9. Hi the Power switch for my BCR2000 is broken off and I need to replace it. Does this plastic button sell as a spare and if so can someone please direct me to the part number. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hello ,

    I have a problem with my bcf2000 ,the psu are breaking and I can’t find the problem ,so I decided to use an external psu for fix this but I don’t know the voltage needed by the bcf2000 for works ,can you help me with that please ?

    Thanks !

  11. Hello ,
    My BCR don’t send any midi message , USB or DIN.
    In USB i have a USB power supply notification , BCR on or OFF ( ??? )
    The same with the cpu board disassembled , power supply notification.
    Do you thing it’s the H11L1 ?


  12. I’ve always wondered why the top PCB needs two separate connectors—would have been neater to just use one. Also, the HC138 IC is on the main board rather than the top board next to the 7-segment displays it drives.

  13. Just tried to repair mine. I have three BCR2000s and one of them has developed a fault in the top PCB. All encoders work but encoders 1, 7 and 8 stop working under certain conditions. For example, encoder 7 stops working after moving encoder 8, encoder 1 stops working after moving encoder 2. There’s some randomness to it so I can’t see a pattern. I don’t have an oscilloscope and no schematics so it’s pretty hard to fix by trial and error. All I know is that, after swapping the top PCB with one from a healthy unit, everything works properly, so the fault must be in that top PCB. I’ve replaced the two HC-165 ICs with fresh ones but that made no difference. Maybe it’s the encoders themselves?? Otherwise it’s got to be the discretes.

  14. Hi,

    Recently my bcf2000 while power on turn on automatically since then can’t turn the power on. Check input voltage is correct, transformers feeding the power. Probably the caps? Anyone had similar issues. Thanks

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