99 thoughts on “LivingColors Arduino shields in stock”

  1. Hi, I wish to purchase a Living Colors Arduino shield to control my Gen1 living colour.

    How can I make the purchase?

    Do you have an assembled unit, I do not mind paying extra for the assembly effort.

  2. I’d love to get one of the shields, please send me an e-mail with the costs (including shipment to Austria, Europe) and details on how to proceed :)

    Would be great to get one, hook it up to mplayer, and have video + matching light!

  3. Hello,
    I have a batch of Gen2 livingcolor lamps, and other smartlink products (light bulbs and plug blocks).
    I did not understand if your kit aimed at driving Smartlink products, or just Gen1?

    If it is Gen2 enabled, I would have some other questions to ask you by mail… Thank you!

  4. The shield is Gen1 only. Gen2 / SmartLink uses different chips and a different and encrypted encoding.

    Cheers, Ivo

  5. Ok, I read that meanwhile on your website! Has some job been done since your last articles about this, about philip’s encryption code?
    I did not find anything, using for example the zigbee shield, so I guess not! :-(

  6. Hi,

    Please send me an email with the costs.

    Is the set complete and assembled, when received can it be used immediately?


  7. Hoi,

    Great work! Can you please send me ordering details to the Netherlands (Breda) Thanks!

  8. Excellent! Been looking for something like this for a while now. Do you have any left?

  9. Hello,

    Can you please send me the cost with shipping to France ?
    Thank you ! :)

  10. Hi, also interested by buying a shield, and knowing the costs to send to France (Paris) as well as how to pay (paypal ?),

    Thanks !

  11. Hi Ivo,
    Do you still sell the prebuilt Arduino shield for Gen1?

    Could you please indicate price and how to order?
    Best regards, Sicco

  12. Hi, are they still available for order? If not, when will they? If they’re available, could you give an indication concerning the costs?

    Please contact me via e-mail.


  13. Hi there,

    I’m looking for a way to control a gen 2 ambilight with arduino.
    What is the cost if you ship a shield? I’m from the Netherlands.


  14. Sorry, the Gen2 can not be controlled with an arduino at the moment. However.. it seems the hue controller can control Gen2 / SmartLink lamps, and the hue has an api.

  15. Hi there,

    could you please sent me details regarding pricing and shipping to NL?


  16. Hi Ivo,
    Please send me pricing and ordering information for your prebuilt shield.
    From The Netherlands, thank you

  17. I would definitely buy one. Please let me know about the price and shipping to germany.
    Best regards.

  18. I’d be interested in an assembled kit, with minimal soldering required. Feel free to email to discuss more details.

  19. Hi, i’m also interested for 1 or 2 shields. i have 10 Gen.1 lamps in my House :)
    Please send me a mail too if you are ready to ship. thanks. I’m looking for a long time for a good solution .. very great work!! cool

  20. Hi,

    I am interested in 1 ready assembled shield?
    How mich will it cost include shipping to germany?

    Do you also have a complete assembled kit include arduino board and ready installed Software?

  21. Hi,

    because i can’t see my last post i write a second time.
    i’m interested in 1 shield. how much wil it cost include shipping to germany.

    is it ready assembled?
    does it also work together with a “Arduino uno rev 3” and a “Arduino Ethernet Shield Rev3” in combination?
    does ist also work with a “Arduino Ethernet”?
    do you have also a arduino completely ready assembled and installed?


  22. I have gen 1 lamp. Can you tell me if you ship to the US. How long does it take to California and price for product plus shipment.

  23. Hi,

    I’m certainly interested. Still available?
    Please provide me with ordering details.

    Kind regards,

  24. Hey can you send me the costs and ordering details? its a CC2500 right?


  25. Hey Ivo,

    Heb je toevallig nog een arduino shield liggen om een gen 1 philips living colours aan te sturen? Ik heb je artikel gelezen genaamd ‘LivingColors 1ste generatie’ en heb dezelfde afstandsbediening.

    Wat heb ik verder nog meer nodig om het aan de praat te krijgen? een radio module om op de shield te plaatsen en klaar?

    Met vriendelijke groet,

  26. Beste Ivo,

    Ik heb ook interesse in een shield voor de living colors (ik heb een lamp gekocht zonder afstandbediening). Zijn ze nog beschikbaar/ ga je er meer maken? Daarnaast vroeg ik me af, gezien ik het nergens duidelijk kan vinden, hoe ik kan identificeren welke LC ik heb (1st or 2nd Generation). Volgens mij is de 1e generatie die met 4 LED’s…

    gr Jaco

  27. Hi I am interested the product too, I have gen.1 livincolors.
    Can I have the prices and details?
    Best regards.

  28. Hey Ivo,

    Ik zou ook graag n livingcolors shield willen kopen, kan ik lekker gaan experimenteren.


  29. Hi I am interested the product too, I have gen.1 livincolors.
    Can I have the prices and details?
    Best regards.

  30. Hi Ivo,

    I would like to buy one of these shield for my old Living Color to integrate in my home automation setup, could you please contact me by email indicated ? :)

    Thanks !

  31. Hi Ivo,
    I’m interested in buying a LivingColors shield if you’ve got any left.

  32. Hi,
    I am interested as well if you still have any left.
    Can you send me some details by email?

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