Newcastle Maker Faire 2011

The dates for the Newcastle Maker Faire 2011 have been confirmed : 12 and 13 March 2011. I had a great time there in March 2010.

Dalek at Maker Faire Newcastle
Dalek at Maker Faire Newcastle

The participants I saw : iCHexapod, oomlaut, mbed

Hexapod robot
A hexapod robot milling an image.

.., a rubiks cube solving robot, a soldering workshop for kids and many more things.

iC Hexapod

The Newcastle Makerfaire is part of Newcastle Science Festival

What to do with lots of copper wire..

Makerfaire is pretty famous in the US and there have only been a few of them in Europe. The dates for the next one are finally confirmed on the Makerfaire UK site.

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