LivingColors 1st generation

(This is a cut & paste from my old site)

The Philips Living Colors is a remote controlled 15 W. RGB led lamp.

It is available (April 2008) in the UK, The Netherlands, Belgium, France and Luxemburg for about 110 to 150 euro.

The build and design are high quality. This is not a re-labelled generic chinese designed product.

The remote uses a radio frequency transmitter and reciever om the 2.4 GHz ISM band from Chipcon (now Texas Instruments). It does not need line of sight and can control up to 6 lamps independently or as a group.
The microcontroller in the remote and lamp is a low power microcontroller from Texas Instruments. The comminication is bi-directional which suggests Philips has more products planned, say an AmbiLight – LivingColors bridge.

Philips owns Lumileds ( ), the manufacturer of the high power LEDs used in the lamp.


Notes: 2


  • MSP430 from TI
  • CC2500 : Chipcon / Texas Instruments : “Low Cost, Low-Power 2.4 GHz RF Transceiver Designed for Low-Power Wireless Apps in 2.4 GHz ISM Band” (see : )
  • Luxeon K2 : Lumileds ( )

I didn’t have the nerve to crack open the lamp itself.  Someone else did.


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  • JB8978


Elektor article about hacking the protocol (in dutch).

Jeroen Domburg expains how he reverse engineered the Living Colors protocol and show how to build a USB remote controller for the LivingColors lamp.

See :
And :

Elektor article about disassembling the lamp (in dutch).

The editors from Elektor disassemble a LivingColors lamp and remote and comment on what is inside.
See :


Official Site (link broken)

12 thoughts on “LivingColors 1st generation”

  1. Hi,

    My remote for 1st generation is packed and doesn’t work, so I am looking for remote for this 1st Generation lamp, do you have any idea from where I can find it? Or can i use remote from generation 2 for 1st generation?




  2. The Gen2 remotes will not work. And without a remote to learn from, the Living Colors shield will not work either. Maybe you can look around for a second hand Gen1 ?

  3. Hi,

    Gen2 remotes will not work on the Gen1. I suggest looking on flea markets and second hand websites. I have never had a broken remote though, have you checked for corroded battery contacts and bad batteries ?

    Cheers, Ivo

  4. Just read how someone reversed the Ribon cord. That Seems to work for Some.

    I have another issue my remote only works within 10 feet. Any Solutions for that??

  5. Hi

    unfortunately somebody has stolen the remote control of my 1st gen lamp.
    Do you have any ideas in order to use it?

    It seems that nobody sell the remote control of this old lamp on internet.

    thank you

  6. Hello,

    My 1. generation lamp lights blue when i plug it on and remote doesn’t do anything with it…can’t turn it on or off with remote either…just lights blue continuesly…
    Can you help me what the problem could be?
    I sent lots of email to Philips customer services, nobody never answered…
    Thank you in advance!

  7. I have first generation lamp, but its remote control is damaged due to battery leak. Now not seen where it is. I have the lamp only. When power connected few seconds it works then turn off it self. Need remote control to turn on.

    Anybody has idea how get remote or someone knows to operate without remote I can give it for small price.

    Please replay

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