LivingColors / LivingWhites adapter starter set part 2 : adapter


The LivingWhites adapter doesn’t really have many surprises. The only two notable things are that the entire high voltage side is from ST parts (VIPER16 , 2 x 14NM65NST1S10 ) and the other surprise is the other LED not in the manual.

The non surprising part is the CC2530 IEEE802.15.4 chip .




LivingColors / LivingWhites adapter starter set part 1 : remote

Here is what is inside the LivingAmbiance / SmartLink / LivingWhites (they should really use less of these trademarks) remote


LivingWhites remote pcb
LivingWhites remote pcb


On the left : a TI CC2530 a “Second Generation System-on-Chip Solution for 2.4 GHz IEEE 802.15.4 / RF4CE / ZigBee”

On the right :  a Cypress CY8C2044624 a CapSense controller.

The CC2530 has the 2.4 GHz transmitter and reciever and a microcontroller for the wireless protocol. The Cypress chip handles the buttons and probably the LED’s and speaker (the big square on the right). The UX logic can be in any two of the chips.

The PCB has some capsense buttons that are not on the faceplate. I assume the same PCB is used for both the LivingWhites and LivingColors remotes.

Samsung E700 Camera Module

(This is a rewrite of an older (2006) post that still seems to getting some traffic. If you are looking for a camera module there are probably better or easier to use alternatives now.)

Sparkun sells a camera module and socket .

The module is intended for the Samsung E700 but as the module is cheap (or can be removed from a cheap second hand E700) and the specs are available it is a great module to connect to a microcontroller. David Carne has written a manual, the original is gone.

Unofficial Behringer Control Development Kit

Willem van Engen has released a development kit which allows you to develop  alternative firmware for the Behringer BCR2000.

The Unofficial Behringer Control Development Kit can be found  here.

I have done some stuff with the WinARM toolchain and I am curoius to find out how much work is involved making firmware for a BCR2000 as a USB HID.

You can see what is inside a BCR2000 here .

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