8 x 8 pixel RGB Display

This is a prototype for a 8 * 8 pixel RGB LED display. Multiplexing and PWM-ing should be done by the host controller.

I have it working with 8 intensities per primary color on an Arduino.

LED intensity depends on the current though the LED (the forward current I)

The problem with LED matrices is that the cheaper ones (around 9 EUR) mix LED’s from different batches with different currents (I{{sub|f}}) and intensities at the same voltage. The more expensive models (around 25 USD) use LED’s from the same batch or bin.

Here is an example of one the less expensive LED matrix :

Notes: 4

The way around this is to use constant current drivers like the TLC5916.

<more to follow>

3 thoughts on “8 x 8 pixel RGB Display”

  1. very interesting piece of info! and very nice job.
    i am wondering if it’s possible to use this details to build a bigger display? like four of this 8×8 rgb pixel display working together to get a larger image? is it possible? did you try it already? how can you control them simultaneously?

  2. Hai,

    I want to ask, where can i get the tlc5916 liabrary for eagle or at least tell me which package did you used?

    really need it..thanks

  3. Heh, I came up with basically the same design. My prototype was driving the anodes directly from the 74HCT545, talk about disaster ;-)

    It worked pretty well if I didn’t give it enough amperage from the power supply.

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