39 thoughts on “New version of the Arduino CC2500 shield.”

  1. Slightly unclear about this. Do you produce the hardware kits? Assembled or not assembled?

    I have 2 Gen 1 lights and am a Windows software engineer, so it would be fun to get hold of the hardware.

  2. I would like to know where to get a kit as well. Not really clear from the site. Could you mail me as too? If you have any kits left that is. Do they come assembled at all?

    Thanks :)

  3. I have sent you a mail.

    I really should set up contact info and a “how to buy a shield” page….

  4. Hallo, I would like to order an shield kit 0.5 to. So, maybe there’s any way to order an fully assembled and tested kit (maybe Arduino + CC2500 shield + antenna) thats ready and easy to use by an serial connection?

  5. Hi Enrico,

    The TRX2 are compatible with the most recent version of this shield. I’ll send you an email.


  6. Hi Knutsel!

    I’m also interested in buying a v06 shield. Best would be a ready to run version. Could you send me an email please?

    Thanks a lot.

    Regards, Marc

  7. hey Knutsel…. im also interestet to buy a Shield.. would you please contact me ;-)

  8. Hi,

    I’d like to buy a shield too! Please can you let me know the details?


  9. Hi, I would like to purchase a fully assembled shield. Please contact me. Thanks.

  10. Hi, I’d like to buy a fully assembled shield … any chance you can contact me ?

  11. This may be years after the fact, but I’d love to buy a kit or learn where to buy one. cc2500 is a very cool chip and I’d like to hack on one; sadly, the electronics are beyond my skill level, though I can assemble like a champ if someone tells me what to put where. :p

  12. Hi,

    great job! i’d like to buy one of your shields. maybe you sell it fully assembled and/or with an antenna as well? could you please contact me. thanks!

    best regards,


  13. Hi,

    My Living colors remote (gen 1) starts to fail, so I would loe to switch it on via the Klikaanklikuit remote now. Could you send me some details on ordering the board, if still available?

  14. Hi !

    Is it still (or was it ever) possible to buy one of these shield, (preferably) with the components ?
    I’ve got a gen 1 LivingColors light that I desperately need to remote control…

    Cheers !

  15. Like to know as well if this is still available. And where to get it. Preferrably pre-assembled if possible.

  16. Hiya!

    Seems I am not the only one who still wants it; just hope this thread hasn’t died yet. My (original) remote also is starting to act up. Have opened it and saw the CC2500 inside. Googled and came across these project pages :)

    Would love to hear from you if your cc2500 shield is still being sold (preferable with components or even better pre-assambled). Thanks in advance!

    Best regards,

  17. Hi,

    Interesting project!
    In case you still have shields available I would like to buy one. Self assembly would not be a problem at all.


  18. I am also looking for a way to control a Gen 1 living colors light with an Arduino. Could you help me

  19. Hi,

    Your shield seems to be the better way to finish my project.
    How can i buy one (pre assembled) ?

  20. Hi,
    Great job!
    I am also interested by your shield as i own a LivingColors 1st generation. Is this shield still being sold ?
    How can I buy one (preferable with components or even better pre-assambled) ?
    Thanks in advance !

    Best regards,

  21. Hi,

    I was planning to build something from scratch (coder, new to electronics), making use of your code and a CC2500, but the module I got (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/331918275270) is tiny (3x the width of the chip & no through-holes), and comes without headers, so it’s a bit intimidating for my soldering skills.

    * Do you still have any pre-assembled shields & a module (or link to a current seller)?


    I’m intending to pair it with an ESP8266 + power supply (that’s already driving some 433MHz remote switches via HTTP having decoded the original remote codes), but I could handle having a larger shield if it gets me up and running.

    If I could later make an ESP Wemos shield, that would be awesome, but it may mean stacking several to fit all the components (particularly the caps)
    – is this sheild the minimum setup needed to drive the cc2500 via Arduino?


    Thanks so much for publishing projects like this – it helps inexperienced sparks like me get off the ground.

  22. As it so happens i made an adapter board to be able to put new form factor CC2500 modules in the old connector. It may be just what you need. I’ll send you an email.

  23. Ivo, do you still have some?
    Incl wondering if I could connect the shield also with An esp8266 of look-a-like, to implementatie thé livingxolors setup tot my wireless hass integration.

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