Serial Arduino and CC2500

Recently I built a one-off serial Arduino with a CC2500 for someone wanting to control a couple of LivingColors and through an external system.

This is what Patrice has built with it. It seems like a big setup (compared to most Arduino projects) and I’m pleased it works.

Control Living Colors by Beckhoff SPS

Nice setup !

The serial Arduino is useful if you want to control LivingColors lamps from a system without USB.

New version of the CC2500 module.

Quasar UK have changed their 2.4 GHz module.

The pinout is the same but it is now a SMD device.

CC2500 module from Quasar.
CC2500 module from Quasar.

No need to change the layout. The crystal is thu-hole so there are solder bumps on the back.

V06 shield with new CC2500 module

Notes: 1

The V06 shield with new CC2500 module

Arduino CC2500 shield versions.

The different iterations of the shields..

4 iterations of the CC2500 shield.

Notes: 5

4 iterations of the CC2500 shield.

Clockwise from top left, the V05 shield with socketed module, the original protoype, the V06 shield new with new CC2500 module and the V05 shield with external antenna.

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