New version of the CC2500 module.

Quasar UK have changed their 2.4 GHz module.

The pinout is the same but it is now a SMD device.

CC2500 module from Quasar.
CC2500 module from Quasar.

No need to change the layout. The crystal is thu-hole so there are solder bumps on the back.

V06 shield with new CC2500 module

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The V06 shield with new CC2500 module

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    – Low current consumption.
    – Easy for application.
    – Efficient SPI interface
    – Operating temperature range : -40℃-+85℃ –
    Operating voltage :1.8~ 3.6 Volts.
    – Available frequency at : 2.4-2.483GHz
    – Programmable output power and hi sensitivity
    – Compatible PIN to PIN with ST-TR2500-FSK-2.4GHz
    (No need to change your old source code)

    – 2400-2483.5MHz ISM/SRD band systems
    – Consumer Electronics
    – Wireless game controllers
    – Wireless audio
    – Wireless keyboard and mouse
    – Building/Home automation

  2. Hi,

    Couldn’t find your email address, so decided to leave a comment.

    I’ve seen quite few different RF RGB remote controls which all look ugly! I was thinking of doing a reverse of what you’ve done on LivingColors to actually control my own RGB LED lighting with a LivingColors remote control. I can buy a LivingColors Gen 1 remote control from Philips and can also build my own LED driver with an RF receiver to receive signals from the remote control.

    However, I don’t know the initialization protocol used to pair a light with the remote control, and also have no idea how to control one or several lights with one remote. Sadly I cannot find any Gen 1 light to analyse either!

    Do you have any information on this you could forward me? It seems there’s a lot of information on how to control those LivingColors with a custom control, but no information on how to control a custom light with a LivingColors control.


  3. can you please tell me from where can i procure the cc2500 module by quaser shown in frst image of the page? its a little urgent..

  4. Hi, can you please help me to interface this module with 8051 microcontroller. I want to program it to pair it with any bluetooth device. so if you can help me out, and also with its pin details that which one of it to use as Tx and Rx and what code to write to create a connection with another bluetooth device.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. Hi,

    The link to the CC2500 datasheet with pinout is in post. You can bitbang the SPI bus in software, there are plenty of examples. If you drop the 8051 requirement and use an Arduino then you can cut & paste your entire application from the Arduino examples and forums. CC2500 shield, bluetooth shield, it’s all there.


  6. Hi Ivo,

    sadly I’m not able to find a store to order your CC2500 Shield Rev. 06 with all parts needed to run my LivingColors 1st Gen.

    Could you provide me with a link to a store or can you sell me one directly?
    I already left a comment a year ago in an older blog entry here.

    I really would love to control my two lamps with an arduino over ethernet and my iPad.

    Thanks for contacting me.

    Best regards and a good year 2012 to you!


  7. Hi Marc,

    Sorry you couldn’t get your message through last time. The Gen1 lamps are getting scarse so I have not ordered any new parts for kits recently. I’ll check to see if i have enough parts for a kit and contact you.

  8. Hello Ivo,

    I’ve just found a Philips Gen1 LivingCoors lamp in an old marketplace, it works great, but I really want to see what I can do with it with my Arduino skills. Please could you see if you have enough parts to sell me a shield? Thanks for all your work done on this.



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