3 thoughts on “LivingColors Control and Arduino 1.0”

  1. Have you done any work with the CC2530 model? I’m working on that module right now with an Arduino and I am having TONS of trouble. I was hoping that you might have attempted to communicate with that module or started writing a library for it. Currently, I;m successfully getting the SYS_RESET_IND message but nothing else works. Any help would be appreciated!

  2. I am looking for a an android app that controls the Philips living color light Gen2 (via Smartlink). It would be very nice to control the lights via app where I could draw my room in 2D place my light and control them separately or together or set an automatic time control. In the morning I could use the Living color to wake me up like the Philips Wake-up Light HF3471 but with “real sunrise”… One thing more is if I could place a control box at my home where my automatic time controlling is set the light would turn on an off even if I am not at home (safety light). I have a lot of ideas how the app could look like and what it all could do. I tried to place my idea at philips but they are not interested. Could you develop such an app? You could even sell such an app to Philips. Thank you for your reply.
    Kind regards, Michael (Switzerland)

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