Better range for LivingColors shield.

Some LivingColors shield users have reported that they would like to have a longer range. In the past I have been looking at hardware solutions for this without much success.

One of my customers has found a much simpler solution : adjust the power settings in the CC2500 configuration.

In the file LivingColors.cpp

The lines :

De value 0xA9 can be changed to 0xBB (-2 dB output power), 0xFE (0 dB output power) or 0xFF (+1 dB output power)

The registers of the CC2500 are described in the datasheet page 47, table 31.

The updated library can be found here :


Serial Arduino and CC2500

Recently I built a one-off serial Arduino with a CC2500 for someone wanting to control a couple of LivingColors and through an external system.

This is what Patrice has built with it. It seems like a big setup (compared to most Arduino projects) and I’m pleased it works.

Control Living Colors by Beckhoff SPS

Nice setup !

The serial Arduino is useful if you want to control LivingColors lamps from a system without USB.