Better range for LivingColors shield.

Some LivingColors shield users have reported that they would like to have a longer range. In the past I have been looking at hardware solutions for this without much success.

One of my customers has found a much simpler solution : adjust the power settings in the CC2500 configuration.

In the file LivingColors.cpp

The lines :

De value 0xA9 can be changed to 0xBB (-2 dB output power), 0xFE (0 dB output power) or 0xFF (+1 dB output power)

The registers of the CC2500 are described in the datasheet page 47, table 31.

The updated library can be found here :


4 thoughts on “Better range for LivingColors shield.”

  1. Dag Ivo,

    Verkoop je nog LivingColor shields voor Arduino? Als ik het goed begreep zijn die geschikt voor de eerste generatie lampen van Philips?

  2. Thank you for your work on the living color lamp. I tried your library to run on an ESP8266, I thought it would be nice to use as little hardware as possible to control the lamp. Unfortunately, there appears to be a compiler error:

    Arduino: 1.6.7 (Linux), Board: “Generic ESP8266 Module, Serial, 80 MHz, 40MHz, DIO, 115200, 512K (64K SPIFFS), ck, Disabled, None”

    CC2500.cpp: In member function ‘void CC2500::init()’:
    CC2500.cpp:57:5: error: ‘SPCR’ was not declared in this scope SPCR = (1<<SPE) | (1<<MSTR);

    and it goes on and complains about other variables not being defined …

    Any help is appreciated.

  3. I have not tried combining the CC2500 with the ESP8266 Arduino. The CC2500 file is pretty old and assumes the code will run on an Atmel. I believe there was no generic Arduino SPI library.

    This should be fixable by not directly calling the hardware in CC2500::init and CC2500::spiTransfer but using the generic Arduino SPI instead.

  4. Hi Ivo,

    Do you still sell the Livingcolors Arduino boards?
    I would very much like to buy one from you as i own 2 of those 1st gen. lamps that are both next to my TV. Would be really cool if i could use them as sort of AmbiLight. I’m located in Belgium.

    Please send me an email with price and details if possible. Thanks in advance!

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