30 thoughts on “Batch of LivingColors Arduino Shields”

  1. Hello from France, I’m very interested by your shield, Please can you contact me? THX

  2. Hi,
    I got a gen1 livingscolor and my remote broke down.
    I’m interested in your board. would it work without remote control at all?
    How much do you sell your board?

    Thanks and regards

  3. Hi,

    I am most certainly interested in two of these. I am working with a guy in Vietnam to decode an IKEA Omlopp light, which uses the same chipset, and I’d like to get one for each of us.



  4. If anyone is interested, I have made the tweaks to the livingcolor library to make it work on an ESP8266 board, specifically the WeMos D1 R2. Handily, it seems to work fine with 3.3v logic. I’ve got the example code working, but my end-game is mqtt.

  5. Hi Ivo,

    Any chance you could sell me one of your shields?
    I have a Gen1 Living Colors Lamp and I would love to integrate it into my home automation system.

    Could you please contact me by email?

    Thanks in advance.

    Best regards,

  6. This is *not* compatible with the Gen2. Some people have had success with controlling a Gen2 with a Hue controller, so far i haven’t.

  7. Hi there Ivo,

    I’m very interested in buying one. Could you drop me an email.


  8. Hi Paul, great project ! I’d be interested in buying one of your boards in case you still have one available. How much would it be, including shipping to Germany ?
    Greetings from Berlin, Christian

  9. hello, please contact me, regarding Phillips livincolors 1st gen arduino shield please. thanks! Jens

  10. Hi, I would be interested in ordering a board if they are still in stock. Please email me.

    Many thanks

  11. Dag Ivo,

    Graag zou ik een Arduino Shield bestellen. Heb je ze nog op voorraad?


  12. Hi, I’d be interested in one – how much is it with shipping to Germany?

    thank you!

  13. Hoi Ivo,

    Ook ik heb interesse in deze shields. Wil je contact met mij opnemen over het bestellen van deze dingen ….


  14. Hallo,

    Heb interesse in een LivingColors Arduino Shield.
    Graag contact opnemen om één te bestellen.


  15. Do you know if the LivingColors library will run on an Arduino Pro 328/8MHz 3.3V or even a Teensy 3.2? The CC2500 driver does not use the library, is there a good reason for this?

    I would like to build a small hardware platform to use as abase to emulate/clone Living Colors lamps.

    Thanks for the work so far.

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