Philips adds new models to LivingColors product line.

In a clever plan to keep their customers permanently slightly confused, Philips has added new models to their LivingColors product line. The boxes and lamps are virtually the same, the remote is different. Both versions are labeled as “Generation 2”

LivingColors Gen2 but no SmartLink
LivingColors Gen2 but no SmartLink

The new buzzword is “smartlink“.

LivingColors Gen2 with SmartLink
LivingColors Gen2 with SmartLink

According to the manuals, both the old ( 69143 ) and the new version ( 69171 ) of the Gen 2 lamps  use IEEE 802.15.4.

So now we have the “Generation 1” which does not work¬† with the “Generation 2”, and there is the “Generation 2 smartlink“. Gen 1 and Gen 2 will not work with each other and i’m pretty confused about mixing “Gen 2” with and without “smartlink“.

The original LivingColors was pretty over engineered of what it did and it gave me the impression that Philips had bigger plans for these lamps. Apparently they do now with smartlink, but the original LivingColors was more of a prototype.

smartlink is interesting and promising. Philips was one of the founders of the Zigbee name and concept and they used some of the concepts and protocols of Zigbee for the smartlink enabled LivingAmbiance lamps.

For now, I’m stuck with two incompatible lamps.





5 thoughts on “Philips adds new models to LivingColors product line.”

  1. Interesting remark indeed. I also noticed the version 1 of 2nd generation says 50% more light. So am I to conclude the gen 2 version 2 uses less powerfull led chip(s) or did they just forget to write it on the new box?
    My guess is they ran out of power-led chips used in gen 2 ver. 1 and now they chose a different chipset supplier, making it look they added a brand new product…

    I really want to get one and now I don’t know which one to opt for. Any help on figuring out about quantity or power of this new chip would be appreciated. Don’t really care for smartlink as I only need one of those.

  2. Congrats to Philips for another upgraded product launch for home use. I hope I could purchase two of this for master bedroom and our future kids bedroom and maybe one for the study room of the kids since it was 50% more light.

  3. I’ve been a pleased consumer with Philips products for a while now, and like Lukas, found the same thing concerning the 2nd generation lamp. I wish people would answer your question Lucas, because it’s something I would like to know myself.

  4. I would like to use the remote control of the living color : it seems to be too complicated for me.
    Can you tell me if it’s possible to use only the sensor : the color wheel ? and how it is connected ?
    Thank you.

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